dijous, 8 de novembre de 2018

Crazy weather!

What's the weather usually like in Barcelona? In November it usually rains a lot... but last day it was a sunny day at school!
Fifth year pupils are learning how to talk about the weather and are having different type of activities these days. Their favourite was the following:
They used their iPads to get some information about the weather in November. Every group was responsible for a city around the world, such as Cape Town (in South Africa), Vancouver (in Canada), Berlin (in Germany), Boston (in the USA)... and lots more! Then they worked together to write about it. The teacher checked their texts and then they showed the information with maps,weather symbols and other brilliant ideas on a Pages document!

They always do their best and help each other when they like the activity and have their posters printed around the corridors, classrooms or in the Internet... so, please, have a look!

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